Charlotte’s Cherries CBD Extract (Live CBD Rosin)

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  • Uplifting and Relaxing
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Fights Pain and Stress
  • Fresh Cherry Flavor (Charlotte’s Web X Colorado Cherry)
  • Live CBD (powerful entourage effect)
  • 100% Organically Grown Fertile Island Hemp Flower
  • Handmade Rosin Blended by Chef Nug Ucci
  • Same Day Delivery Available


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Charlotte's Cherries Live Rosin has a strong fresh cherry flavor and is packed with full-spectrum cannabinoids including high levels of beneficial CBD as well as both CBN and CBG.  You can expect an uplifting and relaxing experience from Charlotte's Cherries high cannabinoid and terpene content.  The cannabinoid CBN is excellent for fighting anxiety and insomnia while CBG is good for inflammation and pain among other ailments.

Charlotte's Cherries is an uplifting and relaxing CBD live rosin that has the strength to make your day productive and enjoyable.  Let the CBD do the work for you balancing mood, mind, and body.

Charlotte's Cherries Live Rosin is made from high CBD medicinal hemp strains developed in Colorado by people who love great tasting high CBD hemp.  This full-spectrum CBD rosin comes bursting with flavorful terpenes full spectrum cannabinoids for maximum effect.  Charlotte's Cherries is CBD dab rosin made by pressing whole fertile hemp flower.  No chemicals of any kind are used in making our CBD live rosin.  Nothing is ever added.

Charlotte's Cherries is a cross between the renown Charlotte's Web strain and the tasty Colorado Cherries hemp strains.  This cross has made a mouth-watering full spectrum CBD rosin you will love.

Charlotte's Cherries is a medicinal hemp strain with less than .3% THC.  It is legal federally and in all 50 states since 2018.

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1 review for Charlotte’s Cherries CBD Extract (Live CBD Rosin)

  1. Nug Ucci

    Very proud of this rosin and all the help it has given to people.

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